Operation of charter flights for cargo transportation by air transportation, aircraft leasing,
IL-76 aircraft technical maintenance

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Brief Annotation

JSC "Transaviaexport Airlines"

  Full Name of the Enterprise (Organization):

Joint Stock Company "Transaviaexport Airlines"


Aleh Kudrytski

Information about the Company:

Address; Telephone; Fax;


44, Zakharova Street , Minsk , 220034, the Republic of Belarus

+ 375 17 3237805, + 375 17 3238401

tae@transaviaexport.com       www.transaviaexport.com

A Structure of Shareholders:

State – 99,88 %

The Airlines’ employees – 0,12 %

Main Production:

Operation of charter flights for cargo transportation by air transport, aircraft leasing, technical maintenance of IL-76 aircraft

Additional Information about the Airlines:

- The Airlines has aircraft Boeing 747-329SF and 13 aircrafts of IL-76 type on the balance, 6 of which are in operation and 7 are under conditions of storing in the National Airport of Minsk

- The Airlines has its own technical base, which is able to fulfill all forms of IL-76 aircraft technicalf maintenance.

- The Airlines base Airport - " Minsk National Airport ".

Statutory Fund:

8 515 514 Rubles of the Republic of Belarus

Export of services in 2017:

13,6 millions of US Dollars

Number of Employees:

 302 persons, including:

- aviation detachment – 81 persons

- engineer and technical personnel – 119 persons

Main Point of the Project:

Foreign investors attraction to the Airlines’ share capital

Readiness Level:

The Airlines was reorganized into Joint Stock Company, the shares were registered in the Ministry of Finance

Investor’s Market Share:

Conditions of investor’s interest will be determined in coordination with the Ministry of Transport and Communication of the Republic of Belarus

Necessary Actions:

1. Maintenance of Airworthiness, modernization of the present aircraft fleet in accordance with ICAO requirements;

2. Recovery of 7 aircraft, which are in deep  conservation  at " Minsk National Airport ", up to the standards of airworthiness;

3. Change to new types of cargo aircraft;

4. Development of the Aviation and Technical Base for technical maintenance of other Airlines aircraft.


+ 375 17 3237818, + 375 17 3238401


Aviation and Technical Base:

+ 375 17 3237802



JSC "Transaviaexport Airlines", Republic of Belarus, 44, Zakharova Street, Minsk, P.O. 220034
Phone: +375 17 3237805, +375 17 3237818, Fax: +375 17 3238401, +375 17 3238402
e-mail: sales@transaviaexport.com

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