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TRANSAVIAEXPORT Airlines was established in December 1992. According to the Air Operator's Certificate issued by the Department of Aviation of Ministry of  Transport and Communications of the Republic of Belarus , to perform commercial air operations

TRANSAVIAEXPORT Airlines is registered in ICAO, the decision dated 08.06.93, DOC AN 2/16 with assignment of a three-letter designator TXC.

TRANSAVIAEXPORT Airlines is registered in IATA with assignment of a two-letter designator AL and three-digit prefix code 221.

After 20 years of operation the Airlines has taken an active position in the international market of air transportation of cargo, has won a recognition among the clients and has got a reputation of a reliable partner.

Aircraft of TRANSAVIAEXPORT may be seen in the airports in Europe, Asia, South America , Australia , Antarctic, Middle East and Africa . Establishing air links with many countries we promote contacts and closer ties between nations.


At present TRANSAVIAEXPORT is a Belarusian National Airlines involved in air transportation of cargo. It bases in the Minsk International Airport , situated 45 km far from the city with customs and border guard services.

TRANSAVIAEXPORT Airlines operates more than
10 IL-76 TD heavy-lifters capable to transport up to 45 tons of freight with the volume up to 210 cubic metres .

Flying daily to various countries our flight crews demonstrate high skills and excellent teamwork as well as capacity for optimal decision-making in critical situations.

All pilots are higher flight school graduates with average flight time of  10000 hours.


According to the Maintenance and Repair Station Certificate issued by the Department of Aviation of the Ministry of Transport and Communications of the Republic of Belarus our Airlines is certificated to carry out

  1. Line maintenance
  2. Base maintenance
  3. Special maintenance
  4. Engine replacement
  5. Modernisation and updating in accordance with directives.
  6.  Operational repair for airplane, engines completed with they parts

of  IL-76 TD (MD) Aircraft.

TRANSAVIAEXPORT's ground support base provides a complete set of IL-76 technical servicing and maintenance and is outfitted with all modern fault diagnosis equipment. The computer facilities make it possible to process and analyze flight data from FDR's and detect aircraft system malfunctions in time and check flight crew performance. A multi-layer reliability control system has been installed to check the status of all aircraft units, parts and mechanisms.

The control for the flight and technical operation in the Airlines is carried out by its own inspection on flight safety. It provides additional guarantees for flight safety.

TRANSAVIAEXPORT Airlines actively cooperates with llyushin's design office, factories-manufacturers and aircraft and engine repair factories, a great number of international airports, other airlines.

Large aircraft fleet, geographical location of Belarus enable TRANSAVIAEXPORT to establish cargo transportation links between European and Asian countries.

High skills, discipline, experience and good traditions guarantee reliability and quality of TRANSAVIAEXPORT services. All these properties have made it possible to expand TRANSAVIAEXPORT flight geography considerably and to increase the number of clients and partners in many regions of the world.

Our Airlines continues to work on improving service quality and increasing freight transportation volumes.



JSC "Transaviaexport Airlines", Republic of Belarus, 44, Zakharov Street, Minsk, P.O. 220034
Phone: +375 17 3237805, +375 17 3237818, Fax: +375 17 3238401, +375 17 3238402
e-mail: sales@transaviaexport.com

TransAVIAexport Airlines