Operation of charter flights for cargo transportation by air transportation, aircraft leasing,
IL-76 aircraft technical maintenance

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Cargo Transportation by Aviation Transport

IL-76 Aircraft Maintenance.

Aircraft Leasing

The basis of the Airlines commercial activities is a fulfillment of charter air transportation of cargo, including: 

·         transportation of big-size and special cargo

·         cargo delivery to the regions which are difficult of access by the method of air dropping without parachute from low altitudes  

As there is a loading/off-loading equipment on board the aircraft, the aircraft is absolutely undemanding in servicing and it does not require special airport equipment. It makes possible its landing in the airports, equipment of which is not fitted for servicing of the civil aircraft of such a class.

At the same time, the Airlines is able to provide for a full set of logistic services connected with carrying out of cargo air transportation.


JSC “Transaviaexport Airlines” renders a full set of services 

connected with IL-76 Aircraft maintenance

restoration repairing of blocks and units, using own ground maintenance base, fitted  with modern diagnostic and computer equipment for the analysis and processing of the flight information means, discovery of malfunctions in the aircraft systems as well as for the checking of the flight crew work.  

JSC “Transaviaexport Airlines” passed certification on conformity with FAP-145 ( Russian Federation ) requirements in the field of aeronautic engineering maintenance. In accordance with the Certificate’s Supplement “Transaviaexport Airlines” has the right to carry out Line Maintenance (according to the forms Aircraft Meeting, Parking Provision, Departure Provision, À1, À2, B) by Maintenance Regulations dated 28.06.94 , Periodic Maintenance (according to the forms F1 – F6 with coefficients 1,2,3,4,6,12), Maintenance during storing, Season and Special Maintenance, Calendar Maintenance, Maintenance after special cases during flight (landing) by Maintenance Regulations dated 06.10.82 on IL-76 TD (MD) Aircraft.

The Airlines concludes contracts for IL-76 Aircraft letting on lease with rendering services connected with aviating and maintenance (wet lease) for a definite period.  

The Airlines concludes contracts for charter flights operation, in accordance with which, it gives the whole capacity or a part of the capacity of one or several aircraft for one or several flights for cargo transportation by air transport to the charterer for payment.


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